Sno Blockade

1″ Curved Sno Blockade

Clamp-to-seam Snow Retention Systems

For Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Extrusion
  • Utilizes Patent-Pending WaveLock™ Technology
  • Curved System Designed for Radiused Roof Applications
  • Attach to Virtually Any Standing Seam Profile
  • Unparalleled Strength & Easy-to-Install
  • Non-Penetrating Seam Attachment
  • Standard & Premium Finish Options Shown
  • Blockade Plate™ for Sliding Snow & Ice
  • Powder Coating Available Upon Request
  • Made in the USA

Making its debut in 2014, Sno Gem® is proud to announce the launch of the 1” Bar Sno Blockade™ system to our line of innovative snow retention systems. The Sno Blockade™ offers the first available industry option to curve round tubing for a snow retention system on a radiused roof application. The system is available in standard mill finish aluminum or painted in either a powder coating or Kynar finish. It is easy to install with few required components, regardless of whether installed on a new or existing standing seam metal roof system. The Sno Blockade™ system’s unparalleled strength is derived from the unique design of the patentpending WaveLock™ Technology with 3 points of attachment and is designed to maximize strength, but not to pierce or penetrate the roof panel. For additional details, engineered layouts (if desired), technical questions, or to get an estimate, visit or call 888-SNO-GEMS.

Full Line of Blockade Cubes™ for Various Standing Seam Profiles

1” Sno Blockade™
1” Sno Blockade™ Wide
1” Sno Blockade™ Mini
1” Sno Blockade™ KLOC
1” Sno Blockade™ KLOC Mini