Snow often accumulates on a sloped roof. When temperatures go above freezing, the snow accumulation melts. Without snow guards, the result can be dangerous as the built up snow and ice slides and falls to the ground, and that extraordinarily heavy amount of snow could fall onto a person. The weight of the snow can also easily damage the building as well as the adjoining landscape. Sno Gem® Snow Guards reduce the dangers associated with rooftop snow.

Experience is a good guideline, as well as the average amount of snow fall in your area. Has falling ice and snow ever caused damage? If it has, then snow guards definitely should be considered. Sno Gem® Snow Guards help to reduce damage to objects below a sloped roof surface.

Once snow is on a roof, heat generated through the roof or from rising exterior temperature melts the snow. The melting process often creates a thin layer of water between the snow and the roof. The water forms a slippery path that the snow and ice follow down, often in one large chunk. Properly placed and attached, Sno Gem® snow guards will reduce the potential for cascading snow. Instead of falling off in an avalanche, the snow and ice often drops off in small amounts or melts completely. Also, Sno Gem® Snow Guards can help to more evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice on a roof.

Available in several styles, Sno Gem® Snow Guards are attached to sloped roofing surfaces – new as well as existing. They can be easily retrofitted to existing roofs, or incorporated into new construction design.

The correct choice and snow guard placement of the Sno Gems® is critical. When you are planning your installation, Sno Gem® representatives will work with you to design the most efficient system.

Sno Gem® will provide a custom snow guard spacing pattern recommendation. Please contact us at 888-SNO-GEMS (766-4367) for your custom layout

Sno Gem® Snow Guards can be installed on almost all sloped roof surfaces. Sno Gem® offers an extensive selection of snow guards designed for slate, asphalt shingle, tile and metal including copper, stainless steel, Follansbee terne metals, pre-finished Kynar steel, copper, zinc, stainless steel, brass, galvalume, aluminum, TCS for metal, slate, and shingle roofs.

We offer a wide variety of Snow Guards designed to fit all types of roofs. Some styles are one-piece units which are installed in a specific layered pattern across the roofs’ surface. We also offer the Sno Barricade® Clamp-On Standing Seam models and Deck Mount Bar System models for standing seam roofs or for areas with heavy snow loads. Sno Gem® Snow Guards give you several choices in the method of attachment.

Sno Gem® Snow Guards can be matched to all industry standard metal roof colors. We also offer an unlimited amount of custom colors to meet architectural requirements. The color in our polycarbonate models is injected throughout the product.

Sno Gem® Snow Guards are easy to install and require basic tools that are common to the trade.