• Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Extrusion
  • Utilizes Patent-Pending WaveLock™ Technology
  • Attach Virtually Anything to Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Non-Penetrating Standing Seam Attachment
  • Available in Multiple Sizes & Configurations
  • Unparalleled Strength & Easy-to-Install
  • No Painting Required
  • Made in the USA

Sno Gem’s® Uni-Cube™ is truly a universal clamp-to-seam attachment solution for virtually any miscellaneous roof system improvement, such as roof penetrations, HVAC/rooftop equipment, pipes/conduits, dishes/antennas and signage. The Uni-Cube™ is available in multiple sizes and configurations that can attach to most standing seam profiles and provides unparalleled strength using patent-pending WaveLock™ Technology with 3 points of attachment. Offering ease of installation, Sno Gem’s® Silver Bullet™ set screws include a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength and won’t damage the paint finish or pierce the seam. Simply mount any roof system improvement directly to the Uni-Cube™ with the set screws and installation is complete. Additionally, the Uni-Cube™ is available in standard mill finish aluminum material, making it an item you can easily keep in stock when the need arises. The Uni-Cube™ can be powder coated or in a Kynar finish that is aesthetically pleasing and matches the standing seam roof system. Sno Gem® is pleased to offer manufacturers and distributors private-labeling for all clamp-to-seam products based on volume. For additional details, technical questions, or to get an estimate, visit snogem.com or call 888-SNO-GEMS. HD clamps available upon request

Full Line of Uni-Cubes™ for Various Standing Seam Profiles

Uni-Cube™ Wide
Uni-Cube™ Mini
Uni-Cube™ KLOC
Uni-Cube™ KLOC Mini