Sno Barricade

2″ Sno Barricade Standard Model

Clamp-to-seam Snow Retention Systems

For Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

  • Utilizes Patent-Pending WaveLock™ Technology
  • Attach to Almost Any Standing Seam Profile
  • Unparalleled Strength & Easy-to-Install
  • Powder or Kynar Coating to Match Roof Panel
  • Non-Penetrating Seam Attachment
  • Barricade Plate for Sliding Snow & Ice

The Sno Barricade® Clamp-On Bar System is recognized worldwide for its strength, appearance, design and function. Every inch of the Sno Barricade® system is fully painted in either a powder coating or Kynar finish, and unlike competing products, the Sno Barricade® system’s color seamlessly becomes one with your roofing system.

The Sno Barricade® system is simple and easy to install with few required components, regardless of whether installed on a new or existing standing seam metal roof system. The system’s unparalleled strength is derived from the unique design of the patent-pending WaveLock™ Technology, which creates an efficient, snow-stopping profile. The Sno Barricade® system utilizes 3 points of attachment and is designed to maximize strength, but not to pierce or penetrate the roof panel.

Sno Gem® is world-renowned for its’ advanced, cutting-edge snow retention systems. Contact a Sno Gem® representative to learn additional details, including engineered layouts, technical questions and pricing.


Use Together With Our Barricade Plate!
Stops Melting Ice & Snow From Sliding Underneath The Bar.

The Barricade Plate is an optional item that is available in color to match or mill finished material. Once properly installed, the Barricade Plate holds the smaller amounts of ice and snow that could pass beneath the bar. The Barricade Plate is installed on the upslope side of the bar. A tek screw (not visible from the ground) holds the Barricade Plate in place.